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Top 10 UI/UX & Branding Design Agencies in Singapore

Branding and design are intertwined identities. A brand is more than product and services, it holds an impression of the business vision that needs to be reflected. The company grows into a brand with the right design solution in form of a logo, brochure, business card and more. A unique visual identity connects the brand with the audience. Recent trends shows the crave to hire experienced Designers skilled in great UI/UX to leverage creativity & make their presence persistent unique amongst the competitors.

If you're looking for an experienced UI & UX agency in Singapore then here you go with the below list of top-notch design studios curated on behalf of their innovative approach and ability to think out of the box. The list is in no particular order as all are equally good and provide healthy competition that keeps them moving ahead and eventually design a great solution.

1. One Design Hub

One Design Hub is a branding, UX, and design agency focused on channelizing the purpose and potential of brands with right approach listen, think and create to convince the client. Proficient in nurturing brands with beautiful design and improve their identity as prominent player of their niche.

Partnered with big brands like Samsung, OLYMPUS, Singapore Airlines, Singtel, and Delsey to impress them with immersive experiences.

Currently, among the hot favorite and most sought-after design agency in Singapore because of their relentless attitude towards settling for nothing less than a 'WOW' design experience.

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2. Stuck Design

Stuck specialize in making global brands realize the importance of creative ambitions and make them a reality. It is an award-winning design agency in existence since 2010, with the ability to convert complexity into simplicity and pleasure. Full efforts to strive for amazing aesthetics and unique user experiences through design solution for products, apps, and brands.

Multiple awards to its credit include Good Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards 2011, and, Singapore President’s Design Award.

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3.Ming Lab

MING Labs is a user experience design agency that strongly believes in a symbiotic relationship between design, development, and deep industry insight. The team is passionate about innovating design solution with future technologies.

Creative solution that helps business to design their future. Area of expertise includes user experience (UX) design, user interaction design, user interface (UI) design, prototyping, business design, design strategy, and design research.

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4. Melewi

Melewi has a broad and global perspective regarding design solution. Passionate and focused on ensuring users, product and business make sense together. Putting the user at the core and make sufficient efforts to ensure users experience their product effortlessly.

Melewi is always high with design to create an exceptional design experience that will build business and delight the user. The strength lies in partnering with a diverse pool of full-time and freelance designers who love turning into reality.

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5. Foolproof

Foolproof is among highly specialized design firm with around 100 employees and several specialist partners around the globe. Religiously follow the three-step design approach of collaboration, iteration, and measurement.

Ensuring both client and customer participate in the design process for out of the box design experience make them unique

Effective and efficient design solution as a result of four strong practices strategy and planning, research, design, and creative technology.

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6. Minitheory

Founded in 2012 with a vision to meet the gap between design and brands. Minitheory put efforts in making solution simple, unique, and useful. Belief in implementation of best of technology to make life easy and simple.

The approach is to design with the concept of how people think, behave and work to develop intuitive web and mobile apps designs that are useful and user-friendly.

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7. Fixx Digital

Fixx Digital is a forward-thinking digital design agency that teamed up and put efforts to help today's leading brands like Singapore Airlines, Singtel, FairPrice, Singapore Zoo and Tigerair to define their tomorrow. Design solution includes website design, UI design, UX design and prototype for websites, online stores, and mobile apps.

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8. Jin Design

Jin Design is a user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) design agency. Highly skilled design professional who implements best design practices to refine user experience and interface design. These design solutions enable the business to communicate and innovate in a user-friendly manner

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9. Vintedge

Vintedge is an independent and full-service digital agency who also serve in Malaysia and Indonesia along with Singapore. Technology and employee are the backbones of their design solutions to ensure smooth and effective execution of solution on various platforms. Bridging the existing gap in design space between client and innovation.

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10. Quirk

Quirky is a multi-disciplinary design studio in Singapore that is synonymous with Quality, Quintessential, and Quaint. The user-centered approach is key in ensuring intelligent and bespoke design solutions.

The core of Quirky is simply to ensure highest quality standards in everything they do irrespective of the project and client size. Constant experimentation and reinvention to deliver the best design solution.

Always dig deep into various disciplines of visual communication to expand business motive in an engaging manner.

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